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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Bob is from southern Maine ..... he grew up there ..... he raced cars there .... and, he's left this mansion known as Longview behind to go back to Maine. His family and friends are all in Maine.

At age-91 with more than 300-million dollars in the bank, selling this Longview property for the reduced price of 9-million dollars will probably not make any difference to him. He probably just wants to sell it because with the race track in Loudon sold, he's gone back to Maine, and he has no use for the big house on the lake. He likes Maine.

Maybe he would actually prefer to donate it to the southern Maine Boy Scouts via a 100-year, one dollar/year lease to be used for a Boy Scout weekend get-a-way, go-to spot used by many different young people from Maine.

Maybe, all things considered, he would feel better about donating the property as opposed to selling it? Is this a doable way out?

We have to be correct in our wording. The Boy Scouts I believe are not called Boy Scouts now. They are just called SCOUTS ever since they allowed girls into the BOYS SCOUT. And NOPE I will not donate a Dime to this SCAM now. It's terrible how the millennials can't except this Country . Just another great cause going down the drain due to politics...
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