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Originally Posted by Woodsy View Post
NH subscribes to the principle "One person One vote" and you have to be a resident. It is not taxation without representation. Nobody forced you to buy a 2nd home.

There are some "Home Rule Charter" movements around the country, but here in NH those type of rules are controlled solely by the legislature. See my link below.

If you don't like the way your city/town is being run up here.... then show up for the meetings and let your voice be heard. Write letters to the paper, emails etc. If its a REAL problem for you, change your residency and vote.

I understand that purpose and do not necessarily disagree with it, but i do think that you should be able to vote in towns you own property in at a town level elections, but NOT at state or federal level, you own the land in that town you should have a voting say because it is a form of taxation without representation.
Colonists had a say in their areas representatives but not at the governor or higher levels
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