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Originally Posted by AC2717 View Post
I'm not using that as a reason, I am using it as an example. My argument is an acre in the town is an acre in the town. I am removing Market value from the equation. If I own a acre in the town and you own an acre in the same town, why should our taxes be anything different. Fully agree when purchasing desirability is driving costs.
I own approximately 1.5 acres of land, not waterfront. I have a brook that runs through my land right behind the house and detached garage. The other side of the brook is perpetually wet, except in the driest of seasons. When the land values went up in Alton as few years back, the value of my land went up by over $14,000. I called the assessor and got an appointment to discuss the increase. He came out and agreed that the increase was too high; the problem with my land is that less than 1/3 of the lot is usable due to the wet nature of the lot. My increase was decreased to around over $3700.

If my lot was for all intents and purposes fully usable, and I could build anywhere on my lot, keeping within required setbacks, I would not have bothered with the appeal.

Value does have a place in property tax, just the same as value is important in determining what our vehicles and boats cost to register.


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