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Default Camp Alton 1937-1992, sold in '98

Camp Alton was a very happening summer camp for boys, in operation from 1937 to 1992. In 1998 or so, Bob Bahre was able to purchase this property, demolish almost all of the campy cabins and campy buildings, and subdivide it into six single house lots, as it is today.

Where his mansion is situated used to be the "second field", a baseball diamond and outfield mostly used for playing softball by the younger campers or lower camp. The bigger ball field situated in the center area was for the upper camp.

As a Camp Alton camper in 1964, I can recall hunting for the snipe, a snipe hunt, armed with a broom, stalking those wild snipes all along the top of the lake embankment about 7:30-8:30pm till sunset!!! That Clay Point location has inspiring sunsets ….. especially while hunting for snipes …… some things never change.

Can also remember the Capture the Flag-Flag Rush event, Grey vs. Green, and receiving treatment from the camp nurse for road rash type abrasions on my chest from missing a diving tackle on the hard dirt surfaced sprinting track. Can also recall getting my butt whipped on the tennis court something like 6-0, 6-1 …… ouch!

Before the waterfront would allow you to go waterskiing, you had to swim for 1/2 mile behind a rowboat in deep water, from the beach to the canoe dock and back, without ever touching the rowboat handles on the transom. One touch, and you failed the test ….. you touch-a these handles …… you fail this test!

In the photo above, the canoe dock and outer dock where the Uncle Sam would stop to deliver the daily mail and packages is still here, along with the camp flag pole.
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