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Originally Posted by AC2717 View Post
chaps my butt,
regardless of wealth taxes should be on a level playing field, If they feel it is not taxed right, as said above go through the process, I cannot say either way whether they were gut punched with it or not, nor could anyone except the assesor and even then they have different feelings.

lets discuss feelings and bills, two should never be mixed but for some reason the #1 bill, taxes, is. Why can't taxes be flat based: this per acre of land this per square feet. Why if someone improves the property more than someone else, and spending their already taxed money to due so (yes I say taxed because NH people sill have to pay Federal income tax) why are they then taxed again on what they spent their money on.
The same guy who does nothing to the same sqfeet and acerage is paying less taxes than this guy for the same amount of land and square feet

Leaning most and more and more people to say why improve and why make my land make the town look better, they are only going to take money away from me.

again taxes should be based on per acre or size of land and how much square feet the building in, then you can vary from there on land use rates

not whether I have granite and marble and that guy has laminates and vinyl

(soap box stepped off of)

Isn't this one of the reasons why you see people making improvements or adding bedrooms, etc with out pulling proper permits so its basically a secret to the assessors so their taxes don't go up?
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