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Default taxes too high?

Hey there Bunky …… got your local NH quarterly property tax bill in the mail recently … and you is feel'n like you is pay'n too much ….. you is assessed too high ….. and your town assessor don't have a clue …… well, friend ….. yo is not alone with your sentiment …… why, just read this article in today's Sept 25 ….. so's you see, yo is not alone!

Bob's little waterfront cabin is assessed for $24,045,900 by the Town of Alton, and his annual property tax bill is $309,230.

Back in 2014 it was listed for sale at $49-million, and is now listed for sale at $8,900,000 …… a much more down-to-earth type of a price ….. and this newspaper article reports the recent change in federal tax law, signed into law on Dec 22, 2017, that limits the local property tax deduction to a $10,000-limit deducted from your federal income tax, effective this tax year-2018 ….. is not very helpful for making this property S-O-L-D.

You know, I can recall a newspaper quote from year-2000 or so, when the house was under construction where Bob said something like " Well you know, we really didn't want anything too fancy, just something simple where we can share the amazing long view down the lake with a few friends, every now and then."

Back in July and August, 1964, I by myself, used to sit there on that high, steep embankment edge of the lake's very long view atop Clay Point there, and watch the Uncle Sam and the Mount Washington chug past, headed to Wolfeboro or someplace. It is very much, quite the view!

Bob is suing the town over his assessment value.

Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo- …… we really feel for you ……. poor Bob!

Will be interesting to see how this gets adjudicated in court for property owner verses the town?

From the Union Leader article: "According to the complaint filed in Belknap County Superior Court on the Bahres' behalf by Attorney Margaret H. Nelson of Sulloway & Hollis of Concord, the assessments on "Longview" are excessive, disproportionate and unjust."
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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