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Question With Seed-"Mix", a Mix of Rodents?

Originally Posted by upthesaukee View Post
Mice like bird feeders too. We bring in our feeders every night and put them back out in the morning. We keep them hanging on suspended from the center beam in the garage.
My wife went to put out the feeders a day or two ago, and as she reached for the platform feeder, there was a set of beady little eyes starting at her from the feeder. She swung it off the feeder, and it went flying, along with a few seeds. Both the wife and mouse survived. Dave
We've seen a few mice around our place. Mice like to shred paper and fabric for their nests, so we've largely eliminated those temptations. (Red Squirrels prefer the dried leaves of deciduous trees; of which, we have only a few).

Mice have taken up residence in plastic trash cans, and one remotely-stored and "sealed" boat.

After dark, I've seen them try to reach our year-round bird feeder. Daytime bird feeder depredations involve Chipmunks plus Red- and Gray-Squirrels. Only the mightiest of Gray Squirrels have made the leap! (But their small amount of theft prevent the nine pounds of sunflower seed storage from jamming-up, so they get a break).

Thought 1)
Since we find Chipmunks highly entertaining, we actively feed them. Adding Chipmunks to the competition for their similar diets (of grains) seems to keep the mouse population down.

Thought 2)
Besides, I don't know of any of our birds that eat the smallest seeds (millet) that come with bird feeder "mix". With birds' actively discarding millet seeds—that would seem to attract mice.

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