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Originally Posted by Pete C View Post
The cap is approx 3x thicker than others which allows the grain to be more pronounced thus giving a better grip. It's not that the others are bad or horribly slippery, it's just that Transcend has a deeper pattern. You really can not go wrong with either and the "good, better, best" are all good mostly having the same warranty.

As far as what's the difference between the "good, better, best"? Besides the colors(aesthetics), the caps durability increases as you go up the line.
The above statement is somewhat misleading when you are adding Azek into the comparison.

Azek has no "cap", it is solid PVC, the same color all the way through. I have found the woodgrain pattern on my Azek dock to be plenty "grippy" when wet.

For my previous deck, we used TimerTech, which was a "capped" composite, for a non-lake house. I was happy with it overall, though I did notice a small amount of swelling at some of the cut ends after a few years of exposure, so not sure how it would work for a dock, but for deck purposes I was happy with it.

Having done Azek now, and having built PT and composite decks in the past, I don't think I would do anything other than Azek in the future.
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