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Default Azek...

Originally Posted by Leoskeys View Post
We are having our lakefront deck redone, and are planning on Azek. We have dozens of samples in hand. Looks to be three options/levels of Azek - Vintage(most expensive), Arbor, and Harvest(least expensive). Does anyone have experience with this type of decking when wet? Any specific opinions on the three options?. The most expensive seems to have the best “grain” and traction. We may also use the same to redo our docks decking. Obviouslly Azek comes well recommended by this forum, but is it much more slippery than pressure treated, and anyone have personal experience with the three levels and the look, feel.
We have Azek on our dock. It obviously gets very wet from waves, water from swimmers, etc. Unlike the Bon Jovi album, it is not slippery when wet, (anyone else from the 80's will get that one! ). The "planks" do have wood grain "texture" in them so that helps with the grip. Also, our dock is in direct sun all day and we've never found the decking to be very hot. It is a light gray in color, so that may be a factor.
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