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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
That's all that counts. It's like anything else, some people have to say the bought something because of the name, esp clothes.
There is a new Ruth Chris that opened near my house and people were saying "they have the best steak".
The thing was cooked in sooo much butter I could feel my arteries clogging as I ate it. I won't go back there again.
I went to Peter Luger's in NY city a couple of years ago after hearing that was the best steak place in the country. I wasn't impressed, the steak had a funny taste to it almost like it was frozen. I guess I should have complained but my son paid the bill so I didn't want to insult him. It was expensive and it was cash only.
I've had the steak at O's and it's as good if not better than any steak house that I've been to.
I don't like Ruth Chris or Peter Luger. Been to both many times, always other people's choices. There are many other steakhouses in NYC and Long Island that are much better. In NYC try Del Fresco you will not be disappointed. I agree O is better than both Ruth and Peter
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