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Originally Posted by Woody38 View Post
A chef friend told me that if one sees Kobe on the menu , probably should not order it. Kobe is prohibitively expensive and many restaurants, even good ones in NY, call lesser meats Kobe.
Many sell Wague ,(sp), or a cross with Kobe and american cattle.

Went recently to a market that only sells Kobe and the price was ridiculous.
Steaks $$$$$. Very pleasant Japanese staff.

We bought some and I was not enamored with the taste. Maybe an acquired taste.


I am a retired workaholic and continuing aquaholic.

Don,t put off living your dream or your children will not learn the lesson.

Anthony bordain says if the menu says Kobe to turn around and leave haha. Iíve had Wagyu at various places and it is delicious!
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