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Originally Posted by upthesaukee View Post
Lakeboater: Plum Island in Robert's Cove. We've been watching a nesting pair in the cove for probably 10 years. We anchor probably 150 yards from the floating nest, and the loons, sometimes with chick(s), end up swimming right by the boat. I think we have seen only 4 or 5 chicks survive the summer in all these years.

Hillcountry: I get the survival of the fittest thing. That doesn't change the fact that we get a great deal of pleasure in seeing the loon chick(s) hatch, then watch that little ball of feathers develop (rather quickly) to a loon that can dive and eventually fly away with the parents for the winter. I'm sure there are many on the forum who share our feelings, and understand yours. I just hope that the chick is able to survive and become one more in the annual loon population count.


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Thank you Dave. Hope to find them
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