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We have composit decking on both houses and I'm happy with it. The minimal maintenance and no splinters is a big plus. It was a selling point when we bought the lake house 3 years ago.

In Mass we inherited a RedWood deck, which was beautiful, but one more job that had to be done every few years. When we did a renovation that required removing half the deck we had a hard decision to make, redwood was out of the budget. We went with composit and we are still happy with the decision. I am happy to say that no redwood deck ended up in a land-fill. I took it apart piece by piece and have used it on several projects including one at the lake that has markings from our long gone cat.

550 sq feet is a lot of deck to maintain. Yes it can get hot on bare feet but anything can. If it was a small deck that a nice expensive natural wood could add an accent piece, that's one thing. Personally, composit over PT on a second home where you do your own maintenance, composit all the way.

This has been discussed before I'm sure you will get a lot of good information.
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