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US Army Signal Corps- Specialist E4 31M20 = Radio Relay Carrier and Attendant, 1965-1968. Served on an isolated Radio Relay site on the East boarder, Germany / Russia. Got to look out from the radio van and see the Russian missiles pointed right at us. Life expectancy should the fan get hit was just under 6 seconds. Operated and repaired AN/TRC 24 tube type radios sending and receiving voice com, and computer ADL = Automatic Data Link, to control our missiles using Line Of Sight Antennas. Also was licensed to drive passenger bus, 5 Ton, 2 1/2 Ton, 3/4 Ton and the M151 Army Jeep that had independent suspension and would flip on a dime.

AN/TRC 24 radio stacks, and yours truly...


Driving passenger bus, Germany.
Buddy's and I, taken at Boot Camp, Fort Dix NJ.
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Always Remember, The Best Safety Device In The Boat, or on a PWC Snowmobile etc., Is YOU!

Safe sledding tips and much more;

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