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Default Usaf

USAF 1967 - 1971

55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, Offutt AFB NB.

Worked on the RC-135 Recon birds.

Each time I think of my time or write of my time I always have a tear in my eye for the 19 friends that I lost on a very bad day for our unit. It was the day we lost the bird Rivet Amber, call sign Irene 92, with all crew on board. 5-June-1969. Six of those nineteen I worked with directly. They are the six sergeants shown in the second crew photo at the page I linked to.

There is a very good story written by Kingdon R. "King" Hawes Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)

It's The Tail of Two Airplanes. Found here:

The story of Rivet Amber starts on page 10 found here:

I thank all those who served in the military and those who did not for their support.

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