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Exclamation Great "Work"—Quick Advancement—Drug-free Mandatory...

USN/USNR—a "Spook".


The job was so compelling, I extended my enlistment a year for more technical training. Great years—still communicate with buddies.

Toured Europe on 24¢ a gallon gas...

Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
USN '90 to '94, based out of sunny San Diego CA. 4 years in, finished out as an ABH2(AW). Flight deck crew aboard an aircraft carrier. By far the coolest job ever. What a rush it was however after two very long deployments for two different conflicts, crappy pay, long hours and Clinton as a "boss"... yeah I was all set with that and punched out.

Great experience I'll never regret, chilling and sobering to be 18 years old and in a war zone. There is NOTHING quite like coming back to the USA after seeing how uncivilized and violent the rest of the world can be.
There's nothing quite as sobering as to read the sign, "Achtung—Minen" from your car.

(Unless it's peering down the barrels of Russian tanks at a closed border control point in Europe).
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