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Originally Posted by Acres per Second View Post
I believe that Bassboat video surfaced here a few years ago: it's also possible that YouTube "led" me there.

The version I saw had the Bassboat Captain stretched out—face down—on the rescue boat's engine cover.

'Not wanting to join the "overserved" crowd, but technically, doesn't "the wake left by another boat" bear some partial liability for the chaos and injuries on board this Fountain?
In this day & age some bottom feeding lawyer would probably make the whole wake theory stick, but then wouldn't the wind turbulence behind a big rig be the responsibility of the truck driver/owner? Have there not been instances where a trucks passing has tossed bicyclists or even motorcycles off the road?
Some will say (good luck proving it) that you are responsible for damage caused by your wake, but how do you prove it was in fact your wake and not the wake from your boat coupled with all kinds of other factors. Wind, other wakes etc. Maybe this is why we have never seen anything like this in court.
Although this summer while working in Longbay I did witness on two occasions boats pulling tubes circling round and round directly in front to a mooring field. Mid week, empty lake and they pick that spot to throw up huge wakes.
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