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Originally Posted by bilproject View Post
Being involved in racing since high school ( Dirt track stock cars and later 410 sprint cars) I enjoyed watching Nascar when it first came on TV up until a few years ago. Nascar has played with it's rules to much in an effort to make all the cars equal, and as a result the drivers just ride around waiting for the last 25 laps to make a move. This weekends race was a good example. If it were not for 3 questionable "debris cautions" you would have only seen 6 cars on the lead lap and 80K fans sleeping in the stands. The "lucky dog" is another joke where multiple drivers get back a lap they did not earn. What does Nascar do to try to bring back excitment? Shorten the races! Now we're bored for less time! I say scrap the car of Yesterday and have limited body and chassis rules, have Goodyear make a tire that only lasts a little longer than a fuel run and gives superior grip when new. Go back to a points system that rewards front runners and you'll not want to nap through another race. And oh yah get rid of the 1.5 mile cookie cutter tracks. Bring back or build tracks with character like the Rock where you can never find a setup thats perfect in every turn. We have 2 of the best tracks in the NE in Loudon and Dover. You can't beat a 1 mile track for large heavy stock cars and those are two of the best facilities. However, the scenery and food is better at Loudon. Plus it's another excuse to be at the Lake.
I agree with a lot of what you are saying but 300 miles is the shortest you want to see a race. People and sponsors don't want it to be over in 1-1/2 hrs they want to get their moneys worth, as well as the tv guys.Every track needs to be a little different and the tires should last about the same as a fuel run. You need less than 43 cars starting a race then maybe some of their sponsorship money will move over to other teams. 35 should be that number. It also needs to get back to some old beating and banging and where the drivers show some emotions. Nascar racing was blue collar racing it has now turned into white collar just like the superbowl. I also agree we have a prime spot here in NH...but word is we are going to lose the September race to Vegas.
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