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Originally Posted by NoRegrets View Post
There are true fans and the fair weather fans. There are less fair weather fans going to the race and tickets are now plentiful. From the mid ninties to about four years ago it was impossible to find one!

This year they had a B-52 bomber do the fly over! It made a sharp banking turn to the west over the west part of Laconia. The history of the plane and the profile it makes in the air cannot be matched.

We left the lake at 7 PM and had no traffic issues heading south. NH does a great job for these two major sporting events in Loudon.

(I am a fair weather fan)

We left the lake a little after 7 thinking that the traffic would be over - not quite. Several miles north of Concord the State Police set up a 10 mph rolling roadblock in both southbound lanes. When we finally got to Concord the roadblock ended. There was still a lot of clean up going on with cone removal and I'm thinking the police figured a rolling roadblock was better than spending 20 minutes stopped on the highway. I didn't think it was a great idea then (ask my wife) but when I finally figured out what was going on I changed my attitude. The highway folks and police do a great job with traffic management. I just hope the races stay in NH. We need the business that it brings.

I watched the first few minutes of the beginning of the race on TV and when the B-52 flew over the track I figured it might keep heading out over the lake. I jumped up and went out on the deck only to see it bank left and disappeared to the west. A low altitude buzz over the lake would have been impressive.
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