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Originally Posted by Blue Thunder View Post
I think you are sort of helping me make my point. Interest and attendance at NASCAR races has dropped off so much that they literally have to give away tickets in order to attract people to attend. The cheapest ticket in the place these days is about $80 face value. Mine were $115 when I gave them up.

You could say that the empty seats in the stand this weekend evident in the overhead shots prove your point as well....

But, I still believe that the real issue is not that Nascar has peaked. But rather the economy is taking its toll.....

They offer packages like this every year, once they get down to the week before the race.... Some years they offer it with pit passes too..... So that they can fill the stands.... I went to my first race about 6 or seven years ago, and remember them doing this.....

The bottom line remember is that for a serious fan, you are looking at 100 minimum ticket price.... for a family of four that is 400$ gas to get to the race and back home again, if you live out of state 100$.... so now lets go back to that deal... 100$ for your package of 4... gas is still 100$ so now we are 200$..... no lets factor in breakfast, additional snacks during the race... a hot dog will not cover it.... and of course if the kids are coming souvenirs... I don't care if you have a special or not... a day at a nascar event with a family is $500 minimum...

Bottom line in this economy nascar, the NFL, and any major sporting event are luxaries, that people can't afford. Attendance is down period....
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