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Originally Posted by Blue Thunder View Post
My brother and I had tickets to both the July and Sept races for over ten years. At the time, there was a waiting list of over 30K people wanting tickets. Now they can't even sell out either race. We gave them up about 5 years ago. I was just offered free $100 seats in the main grandstand last night and passed on the chance. Nascar has peaked.......
I don't know that I agree that Nascar has peaked. I think the northeast was race starved for years, and when Loudon first started having the races, everybody was johnny on the spot and had to go... Much like when the patriots started winning...

There aren't as many continuous season ticket holders any more, I myself gave mine up, because quite honest it was getting too expensive. And well as the economy tanked, and gas prices went through the roof, I decided there was better things I could be doing with the money.

Once the economy improves, and gas price at least stabilize, I believe you will see Nascar at Loudon once again selling out. Sure it is not the most exciting race, but There is nothing like the tail gating experience at the track.

Its really about the extra income that people have. Right now everyone has tightened the belts, and between tickets and other expense, taking the family to Nascar, at 600$ or $700 dollars for the day, just doesn't make sense.
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