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Default I don't understand?

I drive thru the tolls on my way to northern Maine all year. Their posted speed thru the tolls is 10mph. When I approach the tolls I look for cops, I watch the traffic in front of me for brake lights which can indicate police presence and adjust my speed accordingly. If I'm alone I automatically slow down to at least 45 by the sign.
INHO if you were doing 65 then you probably deserved to be caught because they almost never sit at the sign. They usually give you time to slow down even though you are suppose to be at 35 when you pass the sign. Which I almost am never doing and I do not believe Iíve ever seen anyone actually doing 35 at the sign.
I try to drive no more than 5 over around town and unless in traffic or passing, no more than 10 over on the highway. If I see a cop I never flash to let people know because if they are going that much over then they deserve to get caught.
I learned that the difference between 65 and 75 on the highway translates to 3-4 mpg in fuel loss and will add up to just a few minutes earlier that I might get from point A to point B even on a 4.5 hour drive.
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