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Originally Posted by dayvsea View Post
I think that NH cops are a tad aggressive compared to any other state.. Ever drive back on 16 some night from up North? There is a squad car every intersection. I was followed for 5 miles one night with the fam, and felt if I did 1 mile over the limit the lights were goin to flip on, illuminating my blue licence plate. Maybe just weed out the bad drivers, and not worry about the plus and minuses on the speedometer.. One mans opinion..
As long as your doing nothing wrong there is nothing to fear.... that is the bottom line...Even if you get pulled over for going 1 m.p.h over the speed limit you can usually bring it to court and get it dismissed.... I you are going 10 m.p.h over the speed limit well your probably going to get stuck with the fine..but then again you have broken the law of the speed limit. Bottom line, you have nothing to fear if your not doing anything wrong...
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