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Today's December 30 Laconia Citizen has an article on the Christmas Loft. It says the property will be purchased by the neighboring property owners; the Inn at Church Point and the Town Docks restaurant, or something like that. It goes on to say that the property will be used as an activity center where people could rent a canoe or sailboat in the summer, and ice skates in the winter.

In the past 18-years I have never set foot into the Christmas Loft even once so I have no clue what it was like, but a canoe-sailboat-ice skate rental place sounds very good so here's a big round of applause to the new owners......clap...clap....clap....!

Hey....who knows....maybe they'll get a couple of old aluminum 17' canoes set up with a slide seat, rowing rigs, made either by A-Row-Bic, or by Piantedosi, and introduce the row canoe to Meredith Bay. There's got to be an el cheapo row-rig that's suitable for rental aluminum canoes out on the market somewhere. Able to comfortably seat mom, junior/sis and fido while dad does the rowing, the row canoe rental is something to consider! Ok...well, maybe not so comfortable for fido the dog, but mom and junior/sis both get their own canoe seats, forward and aft, while dad rows it forward while seated in the middle and down low for good stability.
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