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What would you like to see go into that high visibility spot, right on Route 3/25 and just north of the Inn at Church Point that has been home to Christmas Loft for many years?

A pawn shop would be a nice addition to Meredith. Meredith already has two second hand stores nearby, the Water St store just beyond the Phu Jee restaurant, and the Etcetera Shoppe next to Dunkin Donuts but no pawn shops.
Laconia has three pawn shops, two are close to the Laconia lakeport fire station on Elm St, and a good second hand consignment store, Just Stuff, is on Main St, downtown Laconia. I have no idea where the third Laconia pawn shop is located?

Curbside Treasures, the Laconia pawn shop on Elm St, that's close to the Lake Winnipesaukee dam, marks everything down an extra 40% on Saturdays, and they are stocked to the ceiling with all sorts of consumer items; hockey sticks, tape cassette decks, skil saws, hand tools, and boat items.

Maybe Curbside Treasures could open a second store in Meredith once the Christmas Loft vacates on December 31! Everyone in favor of a second Curbside Treasures-Meredith please raise your hand!
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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