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Exclamation It's 10 MPH ... I think

Originally Posted by SIKSUKR View Post
Ok Chip now I'm confused.The sign that says 10 mph is not the speed limit?Then what is the sign for?
Me too. (confused that is) I recall a story where people got "reminders" from the DOT for going too fast (25 mph IIRC) through the E-Z Pass lanes. Then there's this ...

From the NH DOT website (

What is the speed limit through an E-ZPass only lane?
The maximum speed is 10 MPH. The reason for this is safety of the motoring public and safety of our employees that could be crossing toll lanes at any time.

Could I get a speeding ticket for going too fast through an E-ZPass lane?
Maybe NHDOT has no authorization to issue speeding tickets. This is a Department of Safety - NH State Police issue. If a police officer is monitoring speed through the toll lanes, and you exceed a reasonable, safe speed through the E-ZPass lane, you could be issued a summons.

Could I lose my license if I drive too fast through an E-ZPass lane?
No. Drivers licenses can not be suspended for speed through an E-ZPass lane.

So I might conclude that the NH DOT has set a 10 MPH "recommendation" but doesn't (can't) enforce it via tickets. The NHSP may or may not enforce a "reasonable" speed limit, which might be higher than 10 MPH.

Clear as mud.
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