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"at speed" let me be the first to say that this will be the stupidest idea. Now this does not apply to everyone, so if you do not think it applies to you, there is no real need to bark at me. But, if you sit in a parking lot on a Saturday and just watch people drive around and park, you will notice that quite a few folks have no idea where the passenger side of their car is. They park directly next to another car on the drivers side with 3 feet on the passenger side. This is just one place to notice this activity, you can see folks constantly hugging the drivers side on their vehicle against something when they still have a car width on the passenger side.

And now they are going to let people pass through very unforgiving concrete toll booths AT SPEED (I am sure they are wider than a typical travel lane, but still). This does not even bring into account the folks that will not pass through at speed, that will slow to 20 or 30 mph and get run up on by Joe Salesman yapping on the cell and jotting down notes. Cause this will be great, now you have no need to even turn the cruise control off.

Just seems like an idea that will come back to bite someone. Maybe it is happening in other states without issue, if that is the case, I will stand corrected.
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