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Default This is a must see!

I remember seeing the space shuttle pass overhead maybe 15 years ago and was amazed at how bright and how close it seemed. Recently, I went online using the link in one of the first posts and signed up for text alerts (thank you for posting the link). I didn't think I'd actually see the ISS for whatever reason but thought I'd give it a try. The first few attempts were not successful. It was either cloudy or assumed it flew so low in the sky that the trees blocked the view but tonight I was sure I'd have luck. Tonight it was high in the sky (81 degrees, 90 being straight up) and visible for 2 minutes. I convinced all three kids (18 to 13 y.o.) that we were going to see it and sure enough it appeared - exactly where we thought it would at the exact time it was supposed to. We were looking in the right direction at the right angle and were amazed - all of us. It appeared coming over the tree line and disappeared just past overhead. I though it would disappear at the opposite tree line, over the horizon but it was mid sky. VERY cool to see it just fade out and even cooler that my kids enjoyed it as much as I did. I guess we're all still kids when it comes to that kind of stuff. Amazing.
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