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Originally Posted by Bear Guy View Post
If I may suggest your time is a little off, this could certainly be the International Space Station. The link below lists sighting opportunities from Meredith, all visible with the naked eye. I copied part of the list below; the current orbit makes sightings very regular right now. If you want, you can sign up for e-mail alerts when sightings are in your area.

The following ISS sightings are possible from Wednesday Sep 27, 2017 through Friday Oct 6, 2017

DateVisibleMax HeightAppearsDisappears
Wed Sep 27, 7:45 PM5 min7810 above SW24 above ENE
Thu Sep 28, 6:54 PM6 min4210 above SSW10 above ENE
Thu Sep 28, 8:32 PM1 min3323 above WNW33 above NNW
Fri Sep 29, 7:40 PM4 min5032 above W15 above NE
Sat Sep 30, 6:50 PM2 min3838 above NE11 above ENE
Sat Sep 30, 8:24 PM2 min2319 above NW23 above N

Sun Oct 1, 7:32 PM4 min3024 above NW11 above NE
Sun Oct 1, 9:08 PM< 1 min1212 above NW12 above NW
Mon Oct 2, 8:16 PM2 min2014 above NW20 above N
Tue Oct 3, 7:24 PM4 min2216 above NW10 above NE
Tue Oct 3, 9:00 PM< 1 min1211 above NW12 above NW
Wed Oct 4, 8:08 PM2 min1912 above NW19 above N
Thu Oct 5, 7:16 PM4 min1912 above NW11 above NE
Thu Oct 5, 8:53 PM< 1 min1311 above NW13 above NW
Fri Oct 6, 8:00 PM2 min2211 above NW22 above N
That's because sat. night I was at the Chicago concert at Meadowbrook...Sunday evening is when I was observing the sky! Thanks for the info!!

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