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Default Nailing down the definition

Is it really a "seasonal stream" - what it actually is by the states definition will lead you to the answer. Seasonal run-off is not a "stream". Does the stream have a name?

After answering the questions truthfully - yes wetlands can be managed but you are not going to be allowed to change the exit point of a water flow or stop the water flow. Not to be confused with storm water retention ponds.


Originally Posted by TheTimeTraveler View Post
So I am looking at a building lot that has a stream running right through the middle of it.

Does someone know if I can legally keep the stream, but move it 70 feet away to a nearby perimeter lot line? Obviously moving it will allow me a larger building envelope footprint.

I know wetlands can be moved if they can be replicated elsewhere on a property, but I was unsure about a seasonal stream.

Anyone out there in Forum land have any knowledge about this type of situation?
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