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Originally Posted by topwater View Post
Please don't tell me that YOU are the reason why you have some bucks, because we all know that is bull****.
I work for quite a few out of state homeowners and I know for a FACT that their wealth is self earned and NOT handed down from their mommy's and daddy's as you claim.

Originally Posted by topwater View Post
I am so done with this site, and I hope Don the WEBMASTER, makes this a "You have to live in the Lakes Region full time in order to post in this forum website ".
See Ya, Ta Ta, By By, Don't let the door hit you in the A$$ on the way out.
I for one hope that Don keeps the site just as it is. The simple fact that this site is open and tolerant to ALL people regardless of the residency and income is what helps it be a welcome and inviting forum to come and read, share and even vent at times.

Originally Posted by topwater View Post
98% of you people are just plain PHONY., SHALLOW, AND ONLY THINK OF YOURSELVES.
Please go take a look in the nearest mirror. One of the "98% of you people" you have described will be looking back at you !!!!

Everybody needs to vent from time to time, it is merely normal and human. Personally I think your little temper tantrum insults us all and you should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe you are unwilling or incapable of working as hard as those people who may have more then you but your rant sounds like jealousy and sour grapes to me.
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