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Originally Posted by Sue Doe-Nym View Post
This discussion is going nowhere fast. Several facts: 1) if you own real estate, you pay property taxes; 2) if youíre a non-resident taxpayer, you cannot vote there, and this applies everywhere, to my knowledge ; 3) if you can prove personal income is not adequate to pay taxes, you might receive some relief from that town. Other than that, anyone owning property in any state needs to pay 100% of the tax bill. Owning property is a choice, and how many weeks or months you stay there is also a choice. We own property out of state, and we pay the taxes (also condo fees), and donít vote. We also donít complain about it because it was our choice to do what we did. This whole discussion is different from the wasteful town expenditure one, and the voters need to tackle that with town officials and at the voting booth.
Lighten up, you're preaching to the choir Sue.... I knew what I was getting into when I bought my property. I just shake my head and pay my taxes. It's fine with me until the day it isn't. On that day I will list my property and hopefully make a fat profit, fat enough to cover all the taxes I paid plus a nice increase in capital out laid to buy it in the first place. That's the issue with the assessment, properties undervalued, selling for 20% more than the assessed value consistently. The valuation is supposed to be 100%.

Moultonboro has a lot of pretty sensible people who are full time residents here and for the most part don't seem like wild spenders. The issue, I believe, are transplants, used to living in cities and they have blind trust in politicians. Their population is increasing.
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