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Its YOUR opinion that the lake houses are too ostentatious and not in harmony. If you want a quieter, more restrictive lake go to Squam or one of the less developed lakes.

Lake Winni has a long storied history of large houses, speedboats and big money. The "barn door" has been open on Lake Winni far too long to get the horses back into the barn.

There have been numerous opportunities for the State of NH/lakeside towns to buy up some lakefront/island property and preserve it.... yet no real effort was made. The lake adds too much money to the economy. So if Bezos were to swoop in and try to buy it all up... the State would block the deal. Too much tax $$$ would be lost, not to mention the economic devastation to the area.

The reality is.... that except for island dwellers, nobody NEEDS a boat. They are a luxury item.... So just like a luxury car... there going to be Ferraris, and Lamborghinis driving around with the Chevy's & Fords...

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