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New here and dredging up this slightly aged thread since it's a stroll down memory lane.

I remember the White Diamond Inn quite well. Owned by the Packard family for years. They sold it and the name was changed to the Staffordshire Inn. I worked for that owner for one summer as a handyman. We often referred to him as Col Clink (Hogan's Heros) because he looked quite a bit like him. After a few years of being the Stafforshire, the white diamonds on the railings had to be painted over. Here's a trivia question, does anyone know why? The restaurant while it was the White Diamond was quite good.

Anyone remember Sleepy Hollow Cottages two lots down? That's where I spent my summers from sometime in the 60s to the end of the 70s.

Between Sleepy Hollow and the White Diamond was the Legault (sp?) property. Past Sleepy Hollow was a large piece of land with several houses belonging to the Chirello (sp?) family. I spent quite a bit of time playing there with various other kids from that family. It was eventually split up. My parents bought the house closest to the street. When my father retired they moved there. After several years they decided the winters were too long and moved to AZ.

I also remember the Oak Corner, but since I didn't have any friends there, spent little time on the property. I recall they had one of the larger docks in that corner.

Moving down the neck, does anyone remember the gentleman with the seaplane? On Friday afternoon he'd fly in and then on Sunday he'd head back down to Mass. From what I recall he finally quit flying it when an engine problem caused his plane to stall. He put it in a tree right next to the ice cream stand that was across from Robin's. I don't think he was hurt, but I think he didn't fly any more. My father would know...

Will try to jog my memory about more of the people and places on Lake Shore Drive. I'm sure my father could name a bunch...
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