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Default Military Operations Area

Originally Posted by welch-time View Post
A C-130 buzzed right over my place on Welch in June.
Had to be flying around 200-300 ft. Really shook the place.
I watched it flash past through the trees. Holy crap. To see something that big go by that fast got my attention.
So do these guys have any sort of flight plan or do they just get to do whatever they want?
Perhaps they were buzzing my neighbor as a special request.
There is a Military Operations Area that extends from the Lakes Region to the White Mountains. This area is published in FAA flight documents and charts. The military aircraft are operating under Visual Flight Rules VFR.

It has been going on for years. Quite active this summer. Two C130s made a couple of passes from Alton Bay to the NW about a half hour apart yesterday while we were stacking wood. Neat to watch them through the trees.

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