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Originally Posted by Rattlesnake Guy View Post
I will bet you $0.75 the guy who can't figure out what lane to be in will drive across the high speed lane in confusion.
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hancoveguy, Have you ever heard of anything like this before, maybe pass it around the dept. if you think its a possibility.

I don't want to start any bad ideas, but I must say TWICE this year going through the EZ Pass lane I've come close to rear ending 1-bike and 1-car.

What happened the first time was heading home on a Sunday night going through the toll on 93, heading south, following two bikes. Traffic is slowing for the toll (no delays) and the first bike holds up a EZ Pass and goes through, as the second bike enters the toll area he slows to the point he is trying to balance, I hit the brakes to avoid hitting him, and he keeps looking at the camera equiptment, I'm guessing. It must have took a pic of the side of his bike and then he took off to catch the other bike. Or, he wanted the EZ Pass equiptment to pick up mine and he would get the free toll. ( I'll have to recheck my statement, as I don't recall if the light was green as he sped away)
The second time, as I was approching the toll a car darted out of the pay toll line right in front of me and creeped almost stopping, again like the bike. I got the impression he was trying to get me to tail gate him as we went through the toll. No one was behind me, this was later at night, so I stopped about 10 feet before the toll, he stopped less then 1/2 way into the booth and must have been waiting for me get closer to him but I didn't. Then when he went through the booth he did start to pull over to the side, but I didn't see where he went.

Maybe he was confused....I feel its the latest scam to get the car behind you to be charged the toll. Regardless, BE CAREFUL, people think nothing of just darting out, doing something stupid!!!!!!!!!
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