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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post

Actually I do understand exactly that tactic --- it's called "being visible" as you said in your own post all cars slow down because they see him.. Thus he has accomplished exactly the purpose sought.

I happen to travel very frequently from Ma to NH on Rte3 -- the same "being present" it deployed there as well.

And do not forget that the officers are mandated to take breaks from driving!! A lot of those times when they do - it will be two fold (1) a rest from driving their sector and (2) be visible.
Oh believe me, I understand it as well. I just think that being there during rush hour on a Friday afternoon...when it is already very unwise. This past Friday, traffic was moving between 55-60 in that stretch. Of course you come up on the trooper, and all of a sudden you see brake lights and you are down to 40 MPH. In this case, IMO he is likely to cause an accident (rear-ender).
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