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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post

Here's what it says in the NH-DMV link.

"Avoid multi-tasking: While you may be tempted to respond to a work email, adjust the GPS or start eating some fast food in the car, these small actions can cause accidents. Try to focus on driving and keep your eyes on the road whenever possible."

It sure seems like a contradiction in public driving safety that the federal government allows all the big car makers to sell the 2020 cars and trucks with large computer info screens in the middle of the dash board, and at eye level.

It encourages drivers to drive the car and look/use the 'puter screen, both at the same time.

Maybe this is why many NH drivers choose to drive large vehicles including pick-up trucks because there is more safety surviving a head-on collision in a big vehicle.

Do believe I will seek a good used Mack 10-wheel dump truck for my next ride, what with all the distracted driving that happens, here. A Mack dumper is a good, big, safe vehicle for every day use! .....
This is one of FLL's gems! I've always thought the same concerning the dash screen that begs drivers' attention.
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