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There are a couple of philosophies regarding VHF radio's nowadays

In the past, they were essential in that MP actually monitored CH 16 from Glendale and us old timers will remember "Mighty Mo" who assisted Marine Patrol in monitoring from Moultonborough. Cell phone coverage was spotty at best in those days. So it was an essential option for boaters to have one aboard (not handheld).

As a side note - Mighty Mo was also always available for questions or directions as well as he often times warned boaters of storms moving in on our direction & other helpful advisories.

Today, the cell phone coverage is vastly improved (but hardly perfect- especially in the West Alton area) & MP does not monitor from Glendale any longer … only in their boats, which they cannot hear if underway. Yet, I am STILL of the opinion that the fastest way to get help (from Good Samaritans) in the case of an emergency or simply calling for assistance is by the use of the VHF even today.

Every time I step in the boat, the blower goes on & the VHF does too !!

Regarding handhelds -- they are essentially useless as they are only 3 Watts and distance is a SEVERE issue ….. which has been debated here in another thread years ago

The good news is that Ch #16 has quieted down now without all the typical weekend warriors of the past thinking it was a "CB" radio
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