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Originally Posted by dt5150 View Post
my wife flat out refuses to drive the boat in any way, says it gives her anxiety...
this can make for some stressful family outings for me since i have to do everything. in particular, it would be very helpful to have her at the wheel while setting the anchor. it's fun to be up on the bow dropping anchor and then scoot back to the helm to put the boat in gear to set it... it'd be nice if she could just put it in reverse for a few seconds, not hard to do.. she won't touch the steering wheel or any controls at all, even at idle speed!
Why not simply teach her how to pull the anchor from it's locker and "plop" it in the water --- only thing that's needs some training & communication back to the Captain is "setting" it …. a few gentle tugs (there is a simple technique) and voila … problems solved.

Although my wife does not like to drive ( she can & is capable) she fills in on all the other helpful duties i.e. stern lines when backing into our Marina dock, stern lines when docking anywhere, taking the helm when I have to visit the "head" and of course- dropping the bow anchor at sandbars...…….. guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

P.S. -- she has already made it clear that after 35 years of boating together -- the NEXT boat must come equipped with a power Winch/windlass ( not human Wench).
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