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Default law revisions?

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
That is COMPLETELY contrary to what I was taught

Gonna have to dig into this further - perhaps an email to MP - i was taught that as long as one liscenced driver was aboard - and takes responsibility - all is good regardless of age of driver..
The boater ed law started in 1999 with a phase in b y age., Over time,as problems became apparent there were changes to things likehoiresepower started as 15, changed to 25. Proctored exam was added, and I believe the language about age was one of those changes. So, if you were an "early student" you may have been taught correctly and then there was some reconsideration.
In any event if you don't have a certificate, you're not supposed to drive if you're over 16.
If you're thinking about buying a boat, and never had one, I bet the salesperson still says "Here, you try it for awhile." There should be an "Instructor" certificate to cover that, same as various instructor levels for aircraft, but I don't think anybody wants to make things more complicated. Of course you can always still take the temporary certificate test, or drive something 25 hp or less for training.
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