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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
Unfortunately as part of the licensing process there isn't an actual test to demonstrate basic operation such as a driving test when getting a regular drivers license. Nor is there any education where that hands on experience can be exercised. Book knowledge is one thing but hands on is something entirely different. Boating unlike driving a car has so many variables that simply cannot be taught through any other means than experience.

It's better than nothing, but falls well short of how it is portrayed by most.
Agree 100%. If the state was "really serious" about "teaching" people how to handle a boat, it would have a "driving" test before any actual license was issued. Even then, it would be useless because of all of the different "conditions" that have to be dealt with, and the fact that a boat takes more "practice" than a vehicle on the road does IMHO. You are NOT going to learn how to pilot a boat in a 30 minute "driving test". So, we all know that is never going to happen, so, the boating license, besides being a joke, is just a revenue generator. The BEST teacher is the experienced Captain sitting beside you as you pilot the vessel. The ONLY thing the book teaches, is the basic "rules" of navigating, and boating etiquette, that a lot of people seem to forget, or ignore, which to me, is part of the entertainment you get while out on the water!! Just keep your head up at all times for these people, and enjoy the show... "The book" could NEVER possibly "teach" the actual handling of a boat.
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