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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
There are antiviral treatments, but they need to be taken earlier than most people realize they have Covid.

And you may have actually already had itóremember, many people don't have major symptoms. My only symptom was a really light headache, which I wouldn't even have tested if not for mandatory requirements at school.

The reality at this point is that most everyone's going to get itóthe hope is that it will become less impactful/more flu-like.

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It does. The first round killed off many... so the remainder have a stronger resistance. Each round will kill off a certain percentage. Much the same way the flu virus does.

Variations in the strains will be the big factor. If I remember my history correctly, the 1918 Flu killed those with stronger immune systems. The modern variants tend to take those with weaker immune systems.
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