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Default Yes, first time, (and hopefully last)

Originally Posted by Pricestavern View Post
Was this your first time getting Covid? Recently I've had a raft of friends and family suddenly getting Covid for the first time. All fully vac'ed and boosted. All had the same symptoms as you. None went to the hospital (thank goodness). Seems like it just finally caught up to those who had not had it before. Glad it worked out for you though I commiserate for all the inconvenience it caused.
As for myself and wife - we caught it back before it was cool, early January 2020. Vaccinated and boosted, we've not caught it since (fingers crossed).
Be well!
Thank you for your well wishes. Yes, first time ever getting it. It's funny you ask that, because several people my wife has told have asked the same thing and when she responded, "first time", they were like, "oh, I've had it several times..."
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