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Originally Posted by MeredithMan View Post
The training is super important. We had our invisible fence through Canine Fence Co. They are expensive compared to the DIY stuff, but, the training is included. The training is actually comprehensive for both the dog and the owner. It involves sight, (flags in the ground where the wire is), and sound, (an audible alarm from the collar as the dog gets close to the wire), and sensation, (the jolt), and you the owner teaching the dog that as they get close to the flags, (the wire), and they hear the alarm, they retreat. They also get a very small jolt during the training so they associate that with where the flags are and the audible alarm. You gradually reduce the number of flags to zero in your daily training over the course of a week or two.
Absolutely true. However, if I had one, I would never trust it 100%. If the dog wants something bad enough, they just might take the risk, or forget and go through it.
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