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Last year when S got control of the board there were a bunch of petitions sent around the employees. At this point all of this was out of the public's eyes, and those of us who were managers were being very careful to keep most of it behind the scenes. If we were asked we could comment on it as long as it was made clear that it was our opinion and not the stance of the company. When I left the company things were getting interesting to say the least. When the board asked T about a proposal for the bonuses given in March he told them the checks were already cut. I left shortly after that, but having been in the business for so long I still heard what was going on. When the board fired T last month, along with the two vp's, more senior management resigned to show support. Then the top eight remaining senior managers were organizing all of this to show support for T and to try to pressure the board to reinstate T. Those eight were terminated last Sunday by courier, and the letter that was sent out today indicated that anyone hindering delivery of product would be terminated as well. I think it's a sad state of affairs that has come over this great company, and all the employees show tremendous support for T, they all know that they would not be where they are (and I would not be in the comfortable position) without what he has done, and his father had done before.
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