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Originally Posted by Boardwalk Bluesboy View Post
For anyone interested, I have an extensive webpage about the Winnisquam/Mosquito bridge and its approaches here. Included is information about Aviation Point, Mohawk Point, and Lake Winnisquam brochures and maps.
Thanks ........... I really enjoy your site some really nice historical images there. I had all ready looked before posting this thread to see if you had a possible answer to the question I was asking. Can't seem to find anything about what this cabin colony place was named.

Some other photos of the area. I wish I could find a photo of the Jumpin' Jack that has been mentioned on the forum a few times in different threads but no photos.

June 22nd opening day of the first new steel Mosquito bridge 1916

Also Known as Simmons Landing formerly known as Mirskis store (not sure of spelling) and in more recent times Sarge's until the building was torn down and became the new show room for Winnisquam Marine. Without question, when it was Sarge's the best place to go after dinner on weekend evenings to watch the $h/t / faced boaters taking there boats out that hung out at the sandbar all day. Better than anything on You-Tube

Carrs Market: The current business here is Winnisquam Country Store & Deli in Tilton on the opposite side of the road in Sanborton was where the Jumping Jack was located. Note the little building (only partially shown) on the right is still there. I think it's a snowmobile, motor cycle, ATV repair shop these days.
When is the last time you seen an IGA store or Jenny Gas station?

Carrs Market from the air. With an ESSO gas sign. The darker colored home / camp (off to the left) is still there to this day.

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