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Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
I recognize the front of the house on the left. It's still there! I lived in that house from '51-'57. We rent it from an elderly lady that also rents the cottages across the road as well as cottages to each side. There was an overpass over the railroad and original Mosquito Bridge was replaced. A new road replace the cabins.
Before 93 was built and before 106 was paved, this road in the middle of the picture was the gateway to the North. The road was heavily traveled. I think in the 50's, Route 3 had a concrete cover, later paved.

The house is now a B&B 'Lakeview House', I think. The big barn is still there, the cottages to the right are converted to year round homes.

I can't recall the names of the business.

Thanks .... the bed and breakfast I'm very familiar with, the folks that used to own it up until a few years ago rented dock space from us years back and with another property we owned we provided some emergency back up space for when they over booked and needed an extra room to rent for a night or two.

I appreciate your reply but what I'm looking for is the name of that little cabin colony on the right just before the bridge when heading south. There is really nothing there now. The cabins technically would be under the roadway now.

However because you lived there would you know if there was a "Jewett" family connection with that area back then? Or a Jewett farm

Thanks again for the reply.
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