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Default Electric on demand

I also had the dilemma last year of what to do for hot water. My space was limited under the house and the existing hot water tank was 18 gallons 120 volt. I decided to take a chance on an electric on demand system leaving the existing 18 gallon tank in place. My plan was the on demand system could boost the temp from the 18 gallon tank as it was slowly hetting colder. Well one year later the system made it through the winter. When its just me i dont turn on the 18 gallon tank and rely solely on the on demand. Last week it was set at 138 degrees and i noticed the shower going warm and cold so i turned it to 120 and now its perfect. I do have a low flow shower head. The only scenario where it couldnt keep up was a shower and two sinks all needing hot water. I heard lots of skepticism on these initially but for a camp they may not be a bad idea if you have the necessary power. I draw water from the lake, so if you have a well the entering water temp would be colder. I also didn"t want to have propane cylinders on my dock as im on an island. The unit is also warrantied for life for whatever thatvis worth. If the 18 gallon tank goes i may consider just going with the on demand electric entirely after another year of use.
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