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Cool "Summer Accidents" Debunked by NHMP...

We could move on, but when views are diametrically opposed, it's hardly "bickering".

I view Lake Winnipesaukee's surface 7 days a week, yet I agree with VitaBene on "safety"—as I stated:

"I would never say that the lake has always been safe: it's a scenic lake with recently-added distractions—that hadn't included gauges and electronics that glow—to rob one's night-vision."
A lake view from a distant city—via video link—appears to produce strange definitions, unrealistic expectations, and alienating conclusions.

Safer boating took place this year when incredibly good weather should have produced the usual increase in boating mishaps. Patting the backs of the NHMP doesn't cut it with me: they do a decent job, but credit for "safe waters" goes to boating education and an increasing familiarity with New Hampshire's boating rules.

"Dropping off-plane" seems to have been too much trouble for some captains—and occasional exceptions did occur—but let's not forget that a reduction in numbers of the "usual suspects" occurred when The Unwelcome Mat was put out.
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